BBGB. Among the history in the making. A writer that lack words but keeps writing. Makes mistakes but still publish because I believe that with words the world can change


Always ready for whatever…

I ain’t tripping over nobody’s wealth niggà   I’ve gat ma passion niggà. I believe and work niggà am not such that wait for the perfect time niggà I always dare cause I know life’s too short niggà. You should never regret anything in life niggà, if it’s good is wonderful, but if it’s bad is an experience niggà, DEDICATION,RESPONSIBILITY, EDUCATION, ATTITUDE,MOTIVATION. These are my dreams niggà. Always remember nothing works unless you do.

Confrontation between dreams and making it come through” am not occupied with failure, but I keep hearing his voice because I refuse his friendship OF MAKING me get into hardship” am sorry am already a friend to our lordship.

  • Child years ago wishes made me laugh.but nowadays we don’t wish anymore because we’ve seen the stems of success” BUT WE NEED TO GET TO THE ROOT.